Dubai Dhow Creek Cruise Dinner

Dhow cruise creek showcases a bygone era where tradition meets the modern architecture. The wooden Dhow gives you a look of the set in time Bedouin traditions. You will get to see up-close the Bedouin values.

The musicians make your Dhow dinner cruise a lot more special with their mesmerizing tunes. You are bound to fall in love with our meticulously prepared cuisines. A royal sheikh-like treatment will give you an elevated feeling that each one of our guest deserves.

A dinner by the seaside with a cool breeze will soothe your nerves and deliver an unparalleled dining experience. Our Marina dhow cruise deal takes dining experience to a whole new level. Besides the sensory journey, our chefs make sure to present you with authentic cuisines.

Top Dhow Creek Cruise You Shouldn’t Miss

What can be more aesthetically pleasing to both the body and the soul than a romantic night of the Dhow Creek Cruise? It is not only a loss but almost blasphemous if you are on Dubai city tour and not getting yourself up on the Dhow Creek Cruise.
Fun Desert Safari highly recommends you to book a tour of this awe-inspiring visual experience under the dark sky and the moonlight. You will never feel more relaxed and delighted after this experience.

What are these Dhows?
Dhow is the generic name of a number of traditional sailing vessels with one or more masts with settee or sometimes lateen sails, used in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean region. An integral part of this ancient Arab world was the dhow.
Dhows are traditional wooden boats that were masterfully designed and built by the local fishing communities and used for navigating the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Today, these dhows have evolved from being small sailing boats to fine examples of luxury cruises. Fun Desert Safari Tour service will help you selecting a dhow cruise, compare the various options we have and finally help you find a Dubai dhow cruise that suits you best.

Time Schedule of Dhow Creek Cruise
The tour of Dhow Creek Cruise tour is a three to four hour tour. We assure to make these three hours the best hours of your entire life. Below is the detailed schedule of the pickup, drop off and estimated duration of the tour.
• Pick Up Time:19:00 Hrs – 19:30 Hrs
• Drop Off Time: 23:00 Hrs – 23:30 Hrs
• Duration: 4:00 Hrs
• Days of Operation: Daily

Inclusion of our Dhows Creek Cruise Tour
The Dhows Creek Cruise tour is like you are sailing with the whole city with you. It includes all the facilities on deck as you avail on land. You will have a magical musical night with the special Sufi dervish tanura dance which will mesmerize your soul.
You can also go up the deck to enjoy dance and sheesha. There is a whole long row of BBQ buffet dinner with a lot of drinks that can make a lake.
The whole deck is fully air-conditioned with separate toilet facility for both men and women. Live entertainment shows will take place time to time which will keep your spirits high. There is special lighting on the Cruise boat and the dinner will be arranged on a traditional Dhow boat.

The enchanting beauties you will be admiring
Fascinate yourself and keep your camera ready because you will see the beauty of Dubai in the night time when the whole city is shining with skyline lights.
The boat will take you from the front of Dera and Burj Dubai so you can see the gleaming and glowing view of these amazing buildings. The dancing lights on the foot bridges and the glowing tombs of the mosques and minarets will definitely give you Goosebumps. The glittering lights of the Gold Souk will leave you stunned.
The atmosphere and ambiance of the Dhow Creek Cruise will make your trip worth the money and time and at the end of the tour you will be dropped back to your Dubai hotel with a convenient and cozy ride. What more can one get in a single night?

How to book your entry in this Cruise
Book your entry in the Dhow Creek Cruise with Fun Desert Safari by visiting our website at or call us at +971 55 833-0441. You can also leave us an email at our email address

For instant bookings please send the following details in WhatsApp

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  • Total Number of persons
  • Pickup Location
  • Date of Tour
  • Contact Number

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