Every tourist at heart must come to enjoy the sights and sounds of Dubai. The evening desert safari in Dubai takes your journey to a whole new level. A short trip that is packed with so much fun and entertainment. See the evening desert safari Dubai like never before. A journey that starts in the afternoon, ends with a beautiful desert sunset.

evening desert safari

Let us look at the fun you can have at evening desert safari UAE.

Evening Desert Safari and Sandboarding

The evening desert safari packs in it many fun activities to do. The sandboarding experience in the evening makes it even more enjoyable. People who do not like to do sandboarding in the scorching heat of Dubai, will find this time very pleasant. Attach the board with a contraption and slide down the high sand dunes. The contraptions hold your feet tightly to the board, making it possible to smoothly glide down the talent sand dunes. You can also rent out a sand board of your own choice. Check the rates to see if additional charges will apply.