Desert Safari Tour Dubai – What To Expect?

Whether it is the busy life of the city or the Arabian adventures that have lured you in or you just want to have a look at the Dubai safari tour, a Dubai trip is incomplete without the desert safari experience.

Yes, the Mall of Dubai has all the shops to take up your shopping experience a notch up. But a Dubai desert safari tour is bound to leave you content than any mall would do, and that is a promise!

Dubai Safari Tour – The Experience!!

It starts with a Dubai safari tour package booking you need to make and voila! You have yourself a ride. You might want to wear your most comfortable clothes as you’ll be thrown around in a car full of fun filled companions, enjoy the ride to the fullest.

Desert Safari Experience

Dubai Desert Safari Experience

Yep, Dubai desert safari starts with dune bashing and you can’t help but scream gleefully. If it’s the first time you are dune bashing, you must be aware that an adrenaline pumping junkie can find this to be an addictive sport! This ride includes a stop at top of the dune for a couple of minutes that you can use to photography the vast desert surroundings or instead take a selfie.

Next Stop: The Food

YES! Again, foodies need to be aware that it is going to be a full packed trip after the dune bashing. You are then taken to the camp where you feel yourself setting in the backdrop of a mesmerizing Arabian sunset. The scrumptous BBQ is served, giving way to the live entertainment, that’s when Dubai desert safari experience comes to full circule.

The Entertainment at Dubai Desert Safari

With classic acts such as belly dancing beauties and glowing dervish, you are bound to enjoy this venture. A favorite among many is when you get invited on the stage to give their twirling skirts a try with the crowd cheering you on. You can even go and sit in the tent to enjoy a bit shisha time with your buddies. As the activities go on, get pictures taken and be sure to get these memories locked!

A desert safari trip with us will cost you between AED 100-200 depending on your timing. You can choose the overnight safari, the evening safari or the morning one from our menu at the top. Judging by popular demand, the evening one is the ideal if you’re in Dubai for a short trip. Experience a serene evening setting in after a tiring day of dune bashing, some good weather in the evening and the ideal atmosphere for some good shisha.

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